What's for lunch?  

Posted by Kamelia

Wanted to wear something different today, so rumaged through my wardrobe, and found my old tie-around pants. Pretty? 


Wearing my Bonia office shoes that I usually reserve for official functions. I sprained my ankle yet again on my wooden heel clogs. Really should learn my lesson and not wear it again. Sigh...

Lunch was a simple affair. I was still full from my breakfast. Which was Dorset Cereal. As anticipated, it was delicious. Lots of dried cherries and nuts. 


I love their brand philosophy. 


So for lunch, I had my humble sandwhich. But there was still feta cheese leftover from out office potluck. So I put in liberal amounts between the slices of bread. Only RM1.80. Nyam, nyam. 


And as for dessert. I indulged in a simple sponge cake. With lots of chocolate rice though. Hehehe.


I eat sandwhiches pretty often as my lunch in office, and I get rather full from it. Colleagues are still at odds with it. Sometimes pestering me to go eat rice with them. Saw Parween today, who is a student here as well. Her eyes went round when I said that this is my lunch. :P 

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