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I've always been fascinated with the internet, and the endless possibilities it holds. It challenges one's creativity with an unlimited number of audience. 

A few months ago, a few of those who have been on my blogroll may have noticed that I have gone "commercialized" by changing my template, and theme and to some extent, even my content. 

My intent was never to make money out of anything, certainly not with all of the usual personal stuff that I usually post, but rather I loved the challenge of setting up something totally new, and see the reaction it gets, and how much I could really put into practice the art of advertising. 

Call me a nerd, but that is what truly gets me going sometimes, and have become like a pet hobby. 

So it's only natural that after almost four years on blogspot now, that I should move on to other things. Create a bigger playground for me to play around with. Which is why I took the plunge of buying a new domain, It's in the works at the moment, and I'm having tons of fun with it, and with Baby, at least he could explain the technical terms to me in baby language. 

I even have my own email now at! Abit of a mouthful, I know. 

But this will just be a personal website for me. And when I'm not too caught up with work, it'll be a platform for me to work with a lot of things. And also to connect with friends. It will be exciting. 

Also in the works are two other websites that I want to create and maintain. One is something fun me and Kas might produce and generate some cash. But mostly, for us to practice our marketing skills, since we are both in that line, and it could be a small side income for ourselves. 

Another website is something me and Baby is working at. A true business enterprise which involves cupcakes! Well, I'll explain once everything is more concrete. 

Till next post, cheers! 

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