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I loathe cynics.

Something about their unrestrained contempt for anything and everything just makes my blood boils.

Being a cynic is something of a fashion statement among youths today, particularly among the younger group of youth who like nothing more but to complain at the top of their voices, day in and day out.

When did the world become so faithless? So downright resentful towards optimism, grace and beauty? Where did it all go wrong?

In school, and at work, I've always been labeled as the hopeless optimist and a romantic. True, I have been hurt by having that outlook sometimes, but I find the world to be a much more pleasant place to live in when the glass is half full.
Sometimes when I read comments at the bottom of blog posts, or youtube videos, or Facebook status', all I see are a bunch of very cynical people, who are just living their lives in a passionless world.

The recent Merdeka day for instance, saw a whole load of Facebook messages that made fun of the celebration, and contempt for the government.

How can these people not realise that being proud of one's own country has got nothing do to with the present day government. It doesn't matter whether it is the opposition in power, of BN is spinning a web of lies.

Being proud of your own country has got nothing to do with politics or policies. It's loving your own home.

I pity those who think that being a cynic is cool and is the "in thing". Roses may have thorns, but life is better once you rejoice that thorns have roses.

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