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Posted by Kamelia

It's been a long time since I last updated my blog. I'm not sure if I had many people who followed my blog in the first place then, but I am sure, no one visits this little space of mine any longer.

It's been a very hectic few months since I've been engaged. Apart from being busy at work, I've also been busy scouring places, looking for ideas and bargains. Weddings are few and far between in my family, far different from Baby, whose family has a wedding every other weekend. It's a totally new experience for us, and mostly, it's rather daunting as well.

I've been so busy looking for the best caterers, the perfect dress, the right colour scheme, the prefect shoes and every other small detail for the wedding that I have not really thought about the prospect of actually GETTING married.

In my head, I keep imagining sweet beginnings, and embarking on this great adventure with my best friend. But at the same time, I cannot also ignore the vast responsibility that will be upon us the day the solemnisation ceremony is complete.

For some reason, few people in today's world view marriage as sacred. Many sully it with affairs and others just fall by the wayside, and everything ends in some messy separation. Marriage is like the vow that can be broken and renewed with someone else.

Although I have always been precocious as a child, I am acutely aware at how young we will be by the time we will be married. The economic crises isn't helping to alleviate this worry either.

Amidst all my doubts and worries, I also can't help but feel so blessed to be able to marry my best friend. In the end, that's all that matters I suppose. Call it blind faith...

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