The Eighth Year  

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It's one of those rare moments when I can breathe, and actually have time to update my blog. The forgotten blog. The poor thing.

Life passes me by so fast nowadays, that everything is a blur to me. I can't remember when, what, where and how I am supposed to do things. Mama nags me for forgetting to do my laundry. But I can't even seem to remember more important things. Let alone my laundry.

Me and Baby were at a restaurant on the 4th of January. I don't even remember what restaurant it was. There we were in our usual banter, when suddenly Baby's jaw dropped.

"Do you remember what day was yesterday?"

"Sunday?" I replied.

"What date was it?"

"Well, today's the fourth, so yesterday was the thir...." what the fu- "it was our anniversary!!!!"

And we stared aghast at each other, shocked at our own ability to forget such an important date.

We've been so caught up with work, and preparations for our wedding, that really, we've forgotten our 8th year anniversary. Yup, you got that, 8. E-I-G-H-T!

Eight years since this boy walked into my life, and has stubbornly hung on to me through thick and thin. And I him.

We've come a long way since then, and on the 5th of June this year, we're finally tying the knot, and starting a new life together.

Perhaps it's too early to begin telling our love story. I'll wait till everything's over and done with in June before I go into the minute details.

To our mutual friends who have been with us throughout all these years, thank you for putting up with us, and I promise, I will try to spend more time with you guys after I'm married.

Provided if my hubby will share me, of course.

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