Chocolate Addict!  

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Chocolates. Brown and sweet. Oozing with nougat and nuts and caramel. Round, square, in creamy bars and shaped like flowers. I have a serious addiction towards chocolate, and I cannot imagine living without it. I go mad without at least one chocolate fix in a week. My boyfriend had to physically stop me from getting into a 7 Eleven at one time to spend RM 10 on chocolates and onely chocolates. I take it like I would take a drug. The "High" that comes with it, and the exquisite taste fills me up literally blocks out everything else.

There's a very sinful vibe to eating chocolates. I'd regret it later, much like regretting not studying for an exam, or picking that fight with my best friend. I could feel that nougat filling my thighs, and that caramel chipping away at the cavities in my teeth. Oh, I'd regret it all right. But I'd watch Jamie Oliver on the telly, whipping one hell of a chocolate mousse, and all rational thought goes out of my head, and like a zombie, my legs on castors I'd stride to the nearest 7 Eleven and buy bars or Snickers or Mars or Kit Kat. Disaster would strike when I don't have enough money to buy my latest chocolate fix. All the change in my house would suddenly dissapear, and my mom caught me taking out a few dollars from her purse.

I need a chocolate. I can't stand it!
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