Ge Ge's birthday  

Posted by Kamelia

The din reached an all time high,
As the satay man look at me and sighs.
The chubby boy beside me piles his plate,
His spectacle slips as more coal fills the grate.
I look at the gravy stain on my flowered jeans,
Mama scolds me and proceed to clean.
Sa Ee is laughing, I can see food - unchewed.
The chubby boy looks at me and says "I'm screwed!"
There's Grandma, winning at blackjack,
My uncle the banker frowns and his shoulders go slack.
Little David won't stop crying,
Wawa's making funny faces - well, trying.
Yana sits like a princess, eats like a lady,
Her brother lurks, looking a little shady.
Ijam is making jokes,
Clemance pretends to laugh - Ijam's stoked!
Aunt Pauline declines the steak,
says it's more than what she should take.
Grandpa sits in a corner, observing.
He's smiling inside, just glowing.
See, it's his birthday.
But really, it's the company he's had today. Posted by Hello

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