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Posted by Kamelia

You know how they are ALWAYS potraying women desperate for comitment, for marriage, and just all around desperate. And then it was how women nag, how they whine, how hard up they are over romance. And I grew thinking that way, (influence from television and books) but as I became older and mastered the power of observance, I realize just how wrong all that is! It is the MEN who are all of the above.

It is the men who want to get married as fast as possible. It's the men who demand comitment from the women. And hell yeah, they are the ones who are hard up for romance. When you think about it, all the sitcoms, movies and books are all written and created by men. It is after all a man's world back there. All of it written from the point of view of a man, so what you see, is them potryaing women as the pain-in-the-butt.

Hah! So you don't agree? Prove it!

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And that is why I love being a man :)

Jahat! Jahat! So not fair!

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