Highs and Lows  

Posted by Kamelia

Finally back in campus. Never thought that I would miss it this much. But after the initial introduction to online registration, I remember why I should'nt! Everyone cramped into a small computer lab, rushing to use the dozen or so computers to register. This semester the university thought they were being very clever for automatically registrating some students, and letting the remaining students do the greasework. Guess where yours truly got grouped in?

So after wrestling for the computer, the system finally coughed and died on me. After a good half and hour waiting for technical support, they finally give in, and hand out forms for us to fill in manually. Thank God.

At some level, I am still pretty attached to the manual way of doing things. Paper, Pen and good old fingerwork.

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the online registration sucks!!!! i totally hate it. i've wasted my breakfast and lunch period just to stand like some stooopid stork just in time to go into the faculty lab to do the whole shebang. and alas, the network crashes, and i almost crashed the monitor with my bare hands. thanx to my not-very-strong hands, i just stormed out and have a BigMac instead.... GERAM!!!!

sounds like how Malaysian systems work

Haha...nasib I managed to get my lunch. Else I'll be just cranky.

cammy and i held hands and rempuh masuk the room in order to get a place for French class!

Frech class? Wow - C'est Magnifique!

Anyway, mademoiselle...

How was Tash Aw's book? Many of my friends found it sluggish and pretty much over-descriptive. I for one loved his imagery: I'm just in love with one of his phrases: "Shadows of the leaf made tiger stripes on his face". Simply a beauty!

Yup, we are official French language students now!

Managed to get into a steady momentum with Tash Aw's book. Yeah, kinda overdescriptive. But I still enjoyed the storyline.

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