I am Googled!  

Posted by Kamelia

Baby must have had a flash of ultimate of boredom yesterday, when he decided to google (it's a verb now...google creators must be ecstatic!) my NAME just to see what pops out. And he messaged me the results, and to my pleasant suprise, my name is google's FIRST hit!

Just a TINY snag though. That only happens if you search for my FULL name. Kamelia Shamsuddin. Which kind of hampers the victory dance a little. So I tried searching simply for 'Kamelia', my first name (well, it's first if I was in the west I guess) and my blog turns up in the THIRD page. Not too bad I thought.

But with my full name, my blog is not only the first hit. It's the first THREE hits. Well, my profile first, and then my blog, and then my blog again. Go figure. But it's still kind of cool.

My Dad : It's cool eh? Cool! Cooool...!

Yeah, new word for him. :P

If I search for 'Kamelia'

If I search for "Kamelia Shamsuddin"

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hmm...people go google their names once in a while u know :P

not me apparently...:P

But I will now.

google-d my name too. Cool huh? Make's you think though, 'they' can be tracking us =p lol

i'm fully trippin =s

i have googled my name once (well, not my real name at least) and my blog heading pops out. the excitement? over the ceiling level... hehe...

It's prolly first because, technically Kamelia is always spelled as Camelia, thats explains the results. Being spelled Kamelia is rarely the case, you know, but youre lucky nevertheless, the last i check myname.com, it was some stupid galvanized pipe making factory in India, how touching is that.


Lucky huh? And I thought I was making a big deal out of it :P

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