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My rant at a recent discussion topic on Mass Comm Group (Friendster)

Since I was in semester one, I have been delegated to the task of taking the LCD/Computer/Visualizer/ETC. Although it takes up some of my time, and it may be easier to just NOT do it, I chose to do it, because I am just the kind of person who prefer to go ahead and do it and not wait around on my ass waiting for someone else to it.

Things have been fine, and I have not much complaints until THIS semester. December 2006 - May 2007. They changed the entire system and eliminated the use of student cards. Alasan: sebab pak guard complen students tak pakai kad metrik, dan beri alasan tertinggal kat bilik ICT.

I have no problems about eliminating the use of student cards. What I have with the new system is this:

1) You are required to put onto paper your metric number, your handphone number, and your full name. All case sensitive information.

2) By signing this document, the STUDENT is 100% responsible for the equipment borrowed.

3) Which means, if anything happens to the equipment, and it's not your fault anyway, you can be hauled to court, and forced to pay damages.

4) You are required to ask the lecturer's SIGNATURE. Which is a pain in the ass, because some lecturers won't sign many forms, they insist on you brining a fresh form every class, ignoring the fact that you have climb up and down the stairs more than four times, and waste precious class time.

5) Even though the lecturer signs for it, the STUDENT is still responsible for it, NOT the lecturer. Which is screwed up, because aren't the people borrowing this equipment doing the lecturer a favour? Isn't it ultimately the lecturer's RESPONSIBILITY to take care of these things in the first place?

Not only that, but the new staff of the ICT room is really making my blood boil. Not only are they constantly rude, but gives students a really hard time when you want to borrow the equipment.

Isn't progress all about cutting RED TAPE? Why is screwed up system implemented without much thought to the students' convenience? I really hope something is done, and quickly about a workable system that works for ALL, and not just to some parties.

C'mon, what do you think?

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