My Boring Routine  

Posted by Kamelia

Yawn, yawn
Scratch, scratch
Brush, brush
Eyes droop
Comb, comb
Lips smacking
Crunch, crunch
Wipe, wipe
Bang the door
Walk, walk
Run, run
Board the bus
Dodge, dodge
Scrape, sit
Scribble, doodle, stain
Mind numbing
Munch, munch
Walk, walk
Drizzle, Breath, Mist, Suds
Type, type, type
Scratch, scratch
Yawn, yawn
Dream, dream
You, you

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cammy u forgot to add watching downloaded movies plus drama series on ur laptop to ur everyday routine...hurmm.make sure u add,ok.. hehehe..

Hehe...a'ha, betul jugak tu.

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