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I use Mozilla particularly because I like the bookmark tabs that they provide above the address bar. A few of them are these links which I visit on a daily basis.

  1. : A great website for the coolest and cutest desktop wallpapers. I never get tired looking through the library. The moderator updates it rather often, and the wallpapers that are featured are sometimes a breathless work of art. I still go through, but pixel girl can be really addictive.

  2. : Side reel is now my favourite haunt, and a really good alternative to downloading all the series that I want to watch. Here I watch all of the new One Tree Hill episodes and my favourite Friends episodes. Oh...movies are available too. All you have to do is to make sure your internet connection is at least 100kps or above. :D

  3. : Writers strike is still going strong, and for my fix on my favourite series, Heroes, I go to this website, and browse through their online novel library. They have a wonderful collection of stories in the form of comics which tell the stories within the main story.

  4. : This is a wonderful website even if you are not a fan of the simulator series. Go to Cool Stuff and then click Games, and you'll see a lot of cute and funny games to pass the time. Especially when you are in the office.

  5. : For my daily fix of beautiful digital art and whenever I need a quick photo for something. I sometimes also go here to hunt for cool desktops and and software.

Here's the part where I am supposed to tag someone. Can I tag Baby only? Hehe...

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thanks kam cuz sudi wat tag i...


apsal semua orang got hooked with deviatart ek?

tapi site tue memang kewl pown...

have a nice day kam...

Too bad takde org pun yg sudi melayan tag I. Not even Baby. Apala...

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