Happy Chinese New Year  

Posted by Kamelia

We won't be having a reunion dinner this year. Since Grandma passed away, everyone has instead been making time to spend Chinese New Year with their in-laws or friends. Half are overseas (Sarawak counts right?) and those who are around has their own families to celebrate it with. But since I'm half chinese, my other half doesn't make up for the absence of the other half. I fear one day, we may never be able to celebrate this occasion.

This year, we'll be meeting on the second day of the new year instead. Granted, it is better than nothing. But reunion dinners are always a highlight.

Anyway, Happy Chinese New year to everyone out there. Go easy on the kuih kapit.

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happy chinese new year...
this year my mom bawak balik crates after crates of limau mandarin...
dh tak larat nk makan...
anyway... you got tagged...


Xian Nian Kuai Le to you too :)
I feel you in a way.

We don't really have much of reunions since my big uncle doesn't come back for CNY anymore. Family feud of some sort.

Can't imagine how it'll be like when my grandma's gone. Like there'll be no reason to go back.


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