Precious Minis in My Wallet  

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Remember when you were in school, and instead of identity card, ATM cards and pass cards, your wallet was instead filled with little stuff which seems insignificant, but somehow or rather has a deep personal meaning to.

Growing up, your wallet space gives way to all the more important stuff. Your bank book, cash cards, credit cards, receipts for claims and all the other boring *adult* stuff.

But in between wallets and the years, I managed to hold on to the precious few, which hasn't been decimated by water, termites or my absent-mindedness.


I hardly notice they are there. Tucked in a secluded part of the wallet. Only when I am changing my wallet do I get to taste the sweet surprise of remembering that I had tucked it in there.

From the top, clockwise:

1) STPM year, about a couple of months before the big exams, everyone (mostly girls) are giving away last minute mementos and wishes of "Good Luck", all of which is followed by me saying, "Luck has got nothing to do with it dear..." I kept this one by Sashi Rekha, since she stuck her wish onto the back of a KTM ticket, before they started reusing them.

2) Phui See, or now more popularly known as Rachel (hehe), gave this to me in Form 5. Also another "Good Luck" wish. Phui See was a dear friend, who really listens to you, and although I haven't seen her for almost four years now, I still cherish and miss her.

3) The three of us. On a beach in Marang. Carefree, and still in speaking terms.

4) A note Jia Hui stuck on an edition of The Scroll back in the final year of Form 6. The most precious of all the little things I hide. Jia Hui, missing ya.


5) A lesson learnt. I keep it with me, to remind me to never go into another one again.

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AWWWW how touching

your fav cousin :D aaron

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