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Inspiration comes in the form of three men, looking at me, probing the windows to my soul, searching…

They look like men, but really they are boys, rogues that escaped my dreams and thoughts, and found themselves seducing me with their gaze and sneering smiles.

My heart beats faster and slower looking back at them, wondering what they are thinking, what is behind those godly eyes. Do they know the future that is in front of them, or do they live an existence, oblivious – not caring even.

One of them stirs as the breeze catches his tresses and thrusts them into his eyes. He blinks and smooths it away from his face, but his stubborn locks simply fall back onto his forehead, framing his face. That face…how familiar it is. A far off dream reminds me of that face. Seems like I’ve seen it a million times before.

A distant howl stirs the second one, he looks up into the sky and spies the moon peeking from behind the black clouds. He looks to his left, to the third boy a frown on his face. He says something that is barely audible, but it came out sounding like a growl. The first one says it’s not time yet. Another day will pass until the moon is full.

The third boy looks at me smiles. A sincere, unpretentious smile that told me everything was going to be fine. With a wink he turns around and beckons the other two to follow him. It’s almost time he says. Another breeze passes through us, and ruffles their shirts. The first one with the wild hair nods at me, and walks away after the third one. The second one was the last to go. The jerks his head at me, and follows suit.

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