Two Great Women  

Posted by Kamelia

My Grandmum is simply the greatest woman I have yet to come across. I am now in Singapore, and she's right outside gossipping about the latest Chinese drama. Now, that shoudln't be that extraodinary, but it's different because, less than a month ago, my 78 year old popo was on life support.

Take that!

Not only did she make a full recovery, she's not relegated to a wheel chair, or a walking stick like other old people after they've recovered from a near death experience. Nope, she's still going strong, and get this, still hangs out with her pals from Church!

I've always had the best of two world's I guess. Both my parents went into pains to teach me both the malay and chinese culture, and when I sit back and compare the two, there are so many differences. My Tuk Wan in Terengganu passed away this year, about a couple of months before my popo was in the ICU. I think she pretty much resigned to the fact that she will die. And she didn't really fight all the way like my popo. But I have the greatest respect for her, read : University Apologies

I can't help but feel lucky that I've known this two great women. I hope one day, I can be just as strong and successful.

In other turns of events, I have officially checked out of UiTM today. Yippee!! I'll start missing assignments in a while, but until then, it's happy holidays for me!!

Singapore is so MUCH cleaner than any part of Malaysia I've been to!

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oh how i miss Singapura...
used to go there a lot when i was a kid for vacations..great to know your popo doing fine.. =)

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