Horror Movies...and more?  

Posted by Kamelia

...so we decided to watch a movie. A scary one. 'The Eye 10' to be exact. Me, Baiti and Yanti snuggled up together all googly eyed in front of my laptop on Yanti's bed. I've never even watched the first one. There are reasons why I don't watch horror movies. Call me a sissy, but I really do get scared. Not only because I start imagining really silly things...(hands coming up from behing) but I also get really depressed. This movie made me especially depressed as I tried to sleep that night. I can't stop thinking about the ending of that movie.

Basically, to make a long story short, a bunch of friends, (five of them) gets messed up after they attempt to see ghosts in Thailand. (Tapping chopsticks on a crossroad to attract the hungry ghosts, wiping the soil from a corpse's body onto your eyes...morbid stuff) One of them gets stuck in Limbo after he did the ultimate mistake of peeing in the forest. Anyway....to really make it short, when all of his friends join him in Limbo to rescue him, they hear bells, and see a white light...which was supposed to be their cue to get out of Limbo. Only then did the guy discover that his girlfriend had slit her wrists and died in order to be with him in Limbo. And he decided after a moment to stay behind with her.

It got me really morbid I guess, thinking about death or the death of a loved one. What happens beyond and all that. I know it's all in Kelas Agama and has already been explained in faith by our ustaz and ustazah. But it doesn't really stop you from wondering.

Incidentally...the other two friends that got there by black magic, didn't make it as well. They hesitated for awhile, because of their friend who wanted to stay behind. So they didn't make it in time for the white light. So they died too...Ai, so depressing.

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