The New Year...delayed LIVE  

Posted by Kamelia

Here I am, back again in my second semester in UiTM Shah Alam. It's good to see the familiar haricuts, new clothes, new shoes, new aspirations for the year. Maybe it's a blessing that the monsoon season is here, or else I woudln't have the time to sit down and post this. It's been long overdue, I admit.

The new year brought about a lot of new things and meanings to me. Although it's nearing February already, I still reflect on the new things that have happened, and is happening to me. I think I might have found my niche in UiTM finally. I don't go to classes alone anymore. There's always Baiti and Yanti (Annyss to some) to joke and chat with on the long journey to the faculty. (It's actually only a few hundred metres.) And I would like to think I feel a lot more comfortable around people this year. More self assured...I no longer wonder and worry what other people are thinking about me.

I celebrated the New Year differently this year. For the first time I wasn't cooped up at home, watching TV like a miserable wretch. I was in Singapore, with my cousins, shouting "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" by the poolside. Although it was somehow laced with worry and regret that my aunty was upstairs, sad, and wondering about her life.

But I think it has been an overall a good start to the new year for me. I hope it lasts...

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