Face the Fish  

Posted by Kamelia

Are you up for it? Can you Face the Fish? Is your stomache up for it? The mother of all digestive problems comes from no other than your nearest Dining hall in college. Be prepared...be amazed. The squid comes with bones, and the fish has scales. The prawns are all heads, and the spinach is all sand.

Wonder no more where you got that appendititis from. It's all from your nearest unfriendly neighbourhood Dining Hall...

(watch this area for a recent photo of my impending dinner and lunch)

Comments are open into how I can spike the WORKERS food with sand and squid bones as soon as I get the photo up and running.

Until then...here's me signing off...

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i eat dining oso wat...
lets comeup with a plan then la, kita sabo sesame..hehehe

I was thinking, the both of you should be thankful for free food.

But... Perhaps an official complaint would be better than sabo-ing?

With the picture attached as proof!

Like we haven't done that Kumar? We're done complaining man...desperate times, calls for desperate measures!

I propose a squid bomb!


thats rite...
serve us good food...
serve us good food...
serve us good food...
go Kamy our fearless leader!!!!
long live Kamy!!!!

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