What does this mean?  

Posted by Kamelia

I spent almost RM 300 today. Feels good man...

Want to know what I bought? Come and see me in two weeks, and see the difference in my face.

That's all I am saying :P

In other events that unfolded today, I came across this sign on the UiTM bus today, and had NO idea what it meant. Do you? If you don't it's ok, because good suggestions are welcomed :)

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at first i thought, no dogs
then i saw fingernails, so is it, no pick pocketin?

Gosh! Must whack B with a bamboo stick to teach you how to buy those things!

I think I visit my blog almost everyday to ponder this picture, trying to figure out what it is...and I STILL don't know what it is. It's rather insulting, since it's on a UiTM bus, and I am an advertising student...coz this signage is just ineffective...no ONE has figured out what it is.

Neither have I.

do not litter i suppose?
or maybe...
beware of "kaki raba"?

hmm..i think it might be,


or something like that.

teehee =p

Hell is NOT Downwards

Ok, I FINALLY found out what this means, and it was B who told me.(She wants full credits really...*rolls eyes*) It is actually upside down in the first place, and behind this sticker is supposed to be another warning sign in words and proper sentences that says you are not to simply press the buzzer. Way to go UiTM people...you have successfully made me have a headache on a non-school day too!

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