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Posted by Kamelia

This is probably the fifth time this entire semester that I am able to connect to the college wifi in my room. Usually only B's room has a good reception. Pretty amazing...internet in the comforts of my own room for once. No hard floors here.

Anyway, Finals upon me now. Should'nt even have the laptop open, but boredom from overdose of textbooks was too much.

Something happened yesterday evening that is pretty blog worthy. Exam pressure pressing down on us, Nadia, B and myself took a trip to Mawar Koop to purchase some much needed chocolates. I bought myself my favourite Mars Bars and Cadbury's Mochachino which cost RM4.20. Having only RM5 in my wallet, I produced this bit of note to her, and as is almost customary anywhere in Malaysia, she asks "20sen ada dik?"

Nope, sorry Kak, that's all I have. She then grabs one of the choki-choki (for novices, choki-choki is basically liquid chocolate in a plastic tube. A fav among kids and chocoholics) and puts it in front of me. "Ambik satu ya dik?" and then she short changes me and gives me only 60cents. Er, excuse me? You owe me *80cents*. Do your math!

"Ala dik, syiling nanti tak cukup." I peek into the cash register, and there were TONS of syilings there all shining and looking like its brand new. What the hell kak, you have plenty there. Why are *you* forcing me to buy something I don't want, and giving me less? I WANT MY 80 CENTS! Yes, i appreciate the choki-choki, but really, I owe Nadia here 80cents, and I want my money, so that I can pay her. This is an outrage!

The kakak now, quite taken aback for having someone *finally* speaking out for this obvious injustice, tries to reason with me. "Dik, ini untuk koperasi Mawar, kita bagi harga murah, ini nak jimat syiling"

Bullshit! The prices here are so much higher if not the same price as any grocery shop outside the campus! "Ok, ok dik." She relunctantly gives my 80cents, and gives me a killer glare. The line, pretty long now from the scene I just created. I storm out of the shop, and relate my story to B who was waiting outside.

B pretty much said I did the right thing. Baby said the same thing too when I related the story to him today. So I'm pretty proud of myself, for standing up for my consumer rights. *Big Toothy Smile*

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I'm proud of you too cam!
You did the completely right thing!
20sen you simpan simpan for 10 more 20 sen and you can buy a RM2 nasi lemak! =P

All the Best for finals!

I think these opportunists sprout like mushrooms very much because when it comes to 10 or 20 sens, Malaysians don't realy care. they go like "Oh, maybe she miscalculated", shrugs and leaves, leaving the opportunists all the opportunity to cheat more.

Good thing there - at least the Kak'll be more careful choosing her vics.

Take cares

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