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I have an Economics exam the day after tomorrow. What am I doing here again?

The room was sweltering hot all of last night, and this morning. So I decided to hike up to the faculty, and enjoy the comforts of the air conditioned classroom, and 100.0 mps internet. Yes, I'd have to forgo wearing shorts and lacy tops and lying on my bed, but the thought of the air conditioner was enough to motivate me.

December came up with a new template for his blog a few weeks ago, and Laj said he did the coding. Well...that's what he said. After voicing my own hopes and dreams, he said he can do it for me. So yay! Working on something ever since. Not sure what to do though. Some people are so sure of themselves, and they know what they want for their blogs. Cause essentially, you blog is you. In a way, it's saying what kind of person you are. But some don't really get the concept, and come off being a wannabe.

So, in a dilemma now.

Going to reformat my Compaq soon. A little bit nervous. Kind of like anticipating a new baby :p

In other events, we wrapped up all of our classes. Handed in last minute assignments. Said goodbye to lecturers. Our last creative writing class was potluck! Afa brought nasi lemak! I brought my last stash of cadbury chocolates, and Dudi and Shy brought junk food. Oh, there was cake too! Very few came though. Only half a dozen of us. Pn. Anita guaranteed As :P

Afa our saviour! Nasi lemak all around!

Our very last attendance signature for Creative Writing class. If you see in the background, that's our journals.

Ikhlas (yeah, that's her real name!) looked too cute, protecting her favourite junk food. Pringles! And that's Pn. Anita in the background smirking by the way.

Afa's mom's Nasi Lemak Models! *wonder what Shy is looking at*

HPD 127 (December 2005-Mei 2006)

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zzzzz.. start writing something that I can REALLY respond to..

All the best for Econs...

Mmm... nasi lemak. Yum yum...

coconut rice with sambal..
yum yum..
wei makcik..
gudlak heh ..
o got goosebump bila terfikirkan ekonomi..

i AM looking at that yummy nasi lemak that byie is holding occay!!!!

Haha....who said you were looking at something else?

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