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Hallaj called me at 12.30AM and asked whether I was free to go out for a drink. Baby was driving his car, and they soon arrived to find me waiting for them.

"I thought girls take forever to get ready?"

"Well, I'm not like other girls."

Vinoth came a few minutes later, and there we were congregating at seksyen 8. As usual, being the only girl I was soon lost in a heated discussion involving something about car rims, car paint, car specs, car this, car that. *yawn* (Now that's something you can yawn to Laj!) After awhile (almost predictably) the boys started talking about their childhod memories. All three went to the same pre-school, primary school and secondary school, so you could imagine the magnitude of memories they went through.

"Hey, our pre-school's principal is a convert right?"

"...and he went and ordered for a 'kuih cipap'!!" *Laughter all around*

"weren't you with that girl then...what's her name?"

"and he damn selamba walk to school with a ciggie in his mouth"

"pengawas pulak tu!"

"itu seluar tempah tu!"

Hearing them talking about the past made me sad really. I no longer talk to my friends from primary school, or even secondary school on a regular basis. There's a bond between the people you know since you were seven or eight that cannot really relate with anyone else. They have been there and witnessed some of your most embarassing moments, and they know how long you've come or how you really haven't changed at all.

Things your parents would not and could not remember.

Like the first time you cut school. Or the first time you flirted. First time you picked a fight in school. First time you forged your parents' signature, or the first time you missed the school bus.

What was even weirder for me while hearing the guys reminisce was the fact that their lives has somehow crossed mine a million times in the past. We went to the same pre-school, knew the same people, had the same friends. While they were oogling the girls I knew n school, I've crushed on some of their friends. We went to the same tuition centre, went to the same events, hanged out at the same cyber cafe and restaurant.

Me and Baby look at each other and smile a secret smile.

Our lives have crossed a million times. We probably walked on the same sidewalk every afternoon. We just never looked up.

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p/s - Vinoth, you got your wish. You're on my blog!

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