Why I'll Always Love Kajang  

Posted by Kamelia

Very few people would admit this. Not even those who have been staying in Kajang all their lives. A few years ago I would have been one of them. Steadfastly denying that I ever have any kind of affection towards this simple, yet complex pekan. But I've travelled all over Malaysia, (I've been to all the states but Sabah) and although I currently reside in the capital of Selangor, surrounded by well-kept hedges, spacious sidewalks and clean streets, I still crave for the hustle and bustle of Kajang. Well, years have gone by, and Kajang is no longer a pekan. But it still has all the charms of one. Why I still love that place:

1) I can still visit the same grocery store I have been going to since I was 2 years old. (Chuan Lee at Jalan Reko)

2) Take a walk in town, and I'm bound to bump into someone from school. I know everyone, even if I don't know their names :)

3) Czip Lee!! The biggest and best bookstore in a 50km radius. It has everything from badminton rackets to play doh. After years of pilfering through my pockets, they now have enough money to open another shop in Bangsar!

4) Everywhere you turn, there's plenty of chinese, indians and malays. The only place where you'll ever find a healthy mix of all the races. Not to mention a smattering of the occasional portugese, javanese, indonesian, bangladeshi and phillipino. (Ok, so maybe not so occasional!)

5) If you're a student, this is tuition heaven!! There's a tuition centre on every block! Personally, the best one I've been to is Pusat Tuisyen Mewah (named after the hill ok..) run by Mr. Umar himself. Miss Mr. Fakir for some reason. Danced the banghra every chance he got.

6) Food!! The best satay in the world is here! Don't ever dare come and tell me you've had better in Muar or something. If so, you've never had Kajang satay. Hj. Samuri is overrated. All the satays in Kajang are almost the same.

7) Fastfood heaven too. We have two KFCs, two Pizza Huts, one Shakey's, one Dominoes, Kyros Kebab, 1901, Delifrance, and a dozen bakeries.

8) From town, I can walk to a dozen friends' house. Chico, Jia Mun, Evelyn, Phui See, Baby's old house...:P

9) Most of all...it's home...

Er...what else ah? I have class in 5 minutes...so I'll get back to you. Pictures next time!!

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