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Amid the trauma and chaos of yesterday, it was also one of the best days of my life. I was with people who truly cared for me for who I am, and were not the kind to just stand by and let things shatter and crumble.

Aravind called me on Friday and asked me to be at Bangunan Dato' Nazir for satay with some friends. I saw people who I haven't seen for a while, and as we sat laughing at Aravind pulling yet a another silly prank on those who were gullible enough to fall for it, I saw Prash on the other table, along with Bala who I haven't seen since early this year, and Selva Kumar laughing with Ganesh...or better known as Master G.

They may have never been the kind of friends you pour you heart out to. They were friends nevertheless, who has stood by me, and seen me through the years, (although rarely). They may not know the real me, and I may never get to know the real them. Yet I was truly thankful to be in their company just the same.

Seeing them, along with Chico, Marelyn and my best friend since I was 13, Kasthuri, I remember with much amusement, how I met every single one of them.

Kas: We were in the same class in Form 1. At first, it was limited to polite hellos and goodbyes, as she sat behind me in class. It all changed when she found out where I lived. "Hey, do you know Ng Wee Leong? He stays in sg. long too..." And ironically, our friendship grew because of this boy who I admit, I used to have a mild crush on when I was 11 years old. I still see Kas regularly. Weekly whenever we can. And through it all, she's been there for me. And I'm forever grateful.

Chico: I don't remember when I first met her. For as long as I've known her, we've been the same school. Convent Primary school, and classmate in Form 4 and 5. The regular nut, who giggles all the time, and has a million friends. That's Chico all right.

Prash: I actually first saw him in a St John's event. He was really cute even back then. And although he still remains short, (sorry prash...:P) he has grown in terms of his charisma. We became good friends while we were both active IRC users, and we both are the only ones we know with the birthday 26th July, 1985. matter what happens, I am assured by the fact that he will call me every year to wish me....vice versa.

Marelyn: Same school since primary one as well. Lives near my house, and reunited after almost 5 years.

Aravind: I met him officially when Chico introduced him to me on the flyover near Convent Kajang. He was on his purple bike, and right away I had the impression of the evergreen funny man in him. I actually first saw him when he was 13. We were at the annual campfire night in KHS, and everytime there was an oppurtunity to dance, he'll ask the only girl he knew there that night. Phui See, who sat next to me. cute. Happy 21st buddy!

Well...I met the rest through this people actually. My social life then was revolved around these people. And I have a feeling it's going to stay that way...maybe not as often. But that's the charm of staying in Kajang. A walk in town is an oppurtunity to catch up on friends. As long as we don't abandon it...

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