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"...and so you are determined to wipe me out from your life. I shall do the same, when and where I can."

...and the stilled pictures of the past were taken from my hands, snatched away in the brief time that we've had together. Use them wisely, and remember who was behind them. For I was there supporting you while things were tough for you. Yet it was always one sided. I don't remember you doing the same. Rarely. Very rarely.

I've heard your plights, your never ending tragedies. You never heard mine. And I try to wave away the smoke of deception, choking on its poison, I remember the enemies you have kept. I remember thinking I would not want to be one of them. But I am, and no one has made it so except you. At least, that's what I would like to think.

I pity you...

For you will never look beyond the trail of injustices that has been done to you. Never the one to see what you have done to others. How you never seem to be able to forgive your enemies, and readily judge them of their worst.

I wonder if you would ever know how much I have invested in you. The sweat, the tears and the material things that you hold that I had given with such love in my heart.

"Do onto others, as you would like them to do onto you..."

My ultimate guidance in life is fast dissolving in to nothing more but smoke...

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