Music? I don't think so.  

Posted by Kamelia

Some of the top songs in mainstream music as of today:

Fergie : London Bridge

Akon : I wanna fuck you

Justin Timberlake : Sexyback

Pussycat Dolls feat. Snoop Dogg : Buttons

Neyo : Sexy Love

Nelly Furtado : Promiscious

Sad what our music have become nowadays. Just blatant sex and sexual suggestions. Gone are the days of tasteful music, such as Alanis's Jagged Little Pill, Oasis's Don't Look Back in Anger, and Toni Braxton. With risque lyrics, and music videos that resemble nothing more but 4 minutes of soft porn (sometime even more). This is the music that little children as young as 5 listen and dance to.

What is music becoming to I wonder. Just another oppurtunity to make money and brainwash. The noblility of it is lost amid time.

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I miss the days when I can sing "All I want is a room somewhere/ far away from the cold night air/ with one..." :P

Hope you're getting better with that nose.

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