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Eavesdropping is the stuff of soap operas and novels. A notion where you are listening to something where you aren't supposed to. Eavesdropping is just not something you intentionally seek in real life. Somehow, you'd prefer not knowing the truth. Ignorance IS bliss.

But sometimes life throws you a curveball, and you end up in front of that forbidden door, listening to a conversation you aren't supposed to. And as the poison drips from the corners of their lips, inside, you die little by little. The trust you built crumbling away.

But sisters are supposed to reconcile, no matter what. And so, without the other person knowing, you start forgiving her. You start to heal.

But you'll never forget.

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"I know it's hard to heal a broken heart,
When even friends seems out to harm you,
But if you could keep an open heart,
Wouldn't time be out to charm you?"

A lyric from Guns N Roses' November Rain :p

Cheer Up !

Thanks baby... :)

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