Must I Choose?  

Posted by Kamelia

Baby quipped once, "One of the best ways to avoid segregation and promote racial harmony in schools and colleges is to get rid of the clubs that effectively pushes out other races, and accepts one."

You know what clubs those are. They are everywhere in schools and colleges and universities. Clubs such as Indian Cultural Clubs, Sabahan group clubs, Warisan Melayu clubs, Chinese whatever club. It's the in thing now to hold such clubs, and that's when you see the segregation, painfully and plainly.

My best friends in high school are all Indians. I never chose them, and neither did they chose me. It was just a natural thing that happened. We shared the same sense of humour, the same thoughts, same taste in food and have a bit of a wild streak that earned us either a telling off from the resident witch teacher, or a free ticket to the mall during school.

Things changed when an Indian club was established in the school. They had other things to do for the club, and it didn't include me. There were times, when they told me to join the club. It was just a cultural thing, anyone could join, they said. Yes, I could have. But do I want to? I knew I had no business being there. And so I quietly deferred.

If there was a Malay Club, would I join? No, I wouldn't. Not that I am being prejudiced towards my own race, but the fact that I am in a homogeneous club is just something I cringe at. I love Malaysia for it's multi ethnicity. Why should I confine myself to only one?

Baby and me are in the same dilemma. Society brands us as being in a particular category that we don't feel comfortable in. Why can't we just be whatever we want to be? Why be only one, when we are two or three of a race or culture? MUST we choose?

No thank you, I won't.

Being a cat would be so much easier...

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