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Although we just had a few days of holidays for Chinese New Year, I still had to go back for the weekend in order to pack the odds and ends that fill my room. Those "odds and ends" filled up three very large boxes and counting...

This would be the third time my family is moving, (Fourth for my parents if you include the time they moved from Paroi, Negeri Sembilan to Kajang. Thank God I was only two years old then.) and I hate packing stuff, partly because I am a pack rat as my alter ego. My mom has commented on this many times before. I just can't seem to part with junk that I seem to think valuable. And the clutter just builds from there. The picture below is evidence enough.

Let me see...corsage from our one and only form 6 KHS reunion, Thai coins from the only time I've been to Thailand. Big star earrings was a gift from Evelin Ching, my one and only pet sister which I have since lost contact with. (I think she gave it to me in Form 4. I only dared to wear it when I was 19) Pink Girly necklace borrowed from my sister. Celcom sim card that has expired for at least two years. But it still has all those messages Baby sent to me. So I'm keeping it! Convent Kajang's color pin which I never got to wear, because I was forced to wear the Baju Kurung as soon as I got into form 1. Custom made bracelet that Kas made for me for my birthday. (Forgotten which birthday exactly) Bracelets that mama got for all the girls a few Christmases back. And chokers that I don't wear anymore, but keep anyway 'cause I feel so sad to put it into the trash or to give it away.

And then I found mama's favourite picture of Ijam and me. It's one of my favourite's too. Probably one of those few occasions where we got along.

And then I found all six publications of The Scroll I saved. Including two extra copies of March's edition that didn't do so well. May's edition was our best. We had to reprint three times I think! Boy, I miss the days we were publishing for a cause. I was supposed to be the editor for Adnews this semester, but after realizing that my lecturer only wants to publish what's ALREADY in the newspaper, I changed my mind. Why ask me to plagiarize? Go do the whole damn thing yourself! And leave me to reminisce the days of The Scroll where we ALMOST had the freedom of speech due to the very open minded Principal we had which was En. Shahul. Although I suspect he was like that due to the fact he was retiring at the end of that year. Those were good times weren't they Jia Hui?

I then stumbled upon Sarita's science report book! Oh dear, have I been hoarding this for a long time. I think I meant to give it to her because she was absent form class. But that was towards the end of the year, and I just forgot about it, and so did she. That was in form 2! I finally decided to discard it. But not without taking a picture of it first!

I've had this box for some time. It contains my most precious treasure of all. Letters, and piles of letters! And the picture only shows a quarter of it. Most of it from Masitah. My most faithful aussie writer. Others are from Reagan Koback from Canada, who stopped writing when I was 17, and birthday cards that I've gotten over the years. The red envelope on the floor is a HUGE valentine card Baby gave me a few years back. This box will be the first thing I'd rescue if there was a fire or a flood.

I am a cluttered person. Both physically and mentally. But at least I remember the sweet little things people have done for me throughout the years. They might not even remember me anymore. (some since primary school) but I read them once in a while, and it just makes my day.

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