A long lost friend  

Posted by Kamelia

Have you ever had a long lost friend come visit you, and things just seem to fall into the right place. Conversation flows, and suddenly all those pent up emotions you've been keeping to yourself finds a release. Well, what if it was a long lost friend that you've never met?

I met my first big sister a couple of weeks ago. It was the second time I've met her. The first time was just for a brief moment, and we never really had the chance to speak to each other properly. It was strange to find out the things I did about her. Like how she did Marine Biology for her degree, and scuba dives for a hobby. I fantasized about doing the exact things she did when I was in primary school. All this while, my big sister have been living my dream. Imagine that.

And she reads as much as I do. Even more. An excursion at the new MPH in Bangsar took us more than three hours, and even that, we had to be dragged off by my parents. We explored every nook of that place, and every book that was pulled out from the shelf was followed with "Ooo, have you read this one? You should, I love prose on this one. Did you hear about the..." and so on and so forth. It was refreshing to find someone as passionate about the same things as I am. If it wasn't the books, it was chocolates.

But soon she had to leave on the jet plane, and go away to the other side of the country where MPH does not exist. I hope she comes back real soon.

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