The Dusty Book in My Hands  

Posted by Kamelia

Here's a book...
to fill up,
with my dreams,
my hopes,
my moments of happiness,
and of my fears.
Of those who do not understand,
this emptiness within.

I have a book filled with silly poems, and whimsical thoughts. They are silly poems now, because they are of people that I have chosen not to care about anymore, because they are not worth it. But amongst the silly poems are a few gems that whenever I read them again, I am feel that I am transported back into the past, still that awkward teenager. The teenager that followed people more than being able to hold her own. These are milestones in my life, and although I am glad I am over that stage, I realize I would never be the person I am today, if it wasn't for that phase in life.

Those careless words
that you utter,
do nothing but hurt.
Lazy eyes that seem to probe,
And inside this being, is a flicker of hope.
Yet you do nothing to alter the situation
Like a fool, I ignore my intuition

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