Hot Springs? Let's go to Sri Paandi  

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Me and Baby were feeling a little adventurous a couple of weeks ago. Kinda got tired of window shopping. You ever had that feeling? So we decided to do something that didn't actually involve spending tons of cash in a day. So we decided to head on to the hot springs near Sg. Congkak at Pangsun. Both of us have been there before, only never together, so I was excited make the trip.

But things started in the wrong note that same morning. I'm not going to elaborate, suffice to say Baby knows what he did wrong. Don't you? :P

Anyway, the ball finally got rolling at about 12pm, and without wasting anymore time, we headed straight to Pangsun. Stopped to buy some tit bits and started looking out for the signboards. We saw a clear river near the main road, with clouds of steam billowing from a bubbling brook beneath it. But we quickly decided it was far too public for comfort.

So we went a little further, and a signboard caught out eye. Air Panas Sg. Tekala.

So we parked the car, and with flip flops and towel in tow, we arrived to the front gate.

"Eh, it says Laluan Lelaki over here, and Laluan Perempuan there!" Baby said.

"Aiyo, they are segregating the sexes? So weird la going alone!"

"Yeah...but we're already here..."

"Hm, guess it wouldn't hurt to try."

So we went our separate ways. I trudged down this path, feeling more and more apprehensive. 'Oh shoot, I'm just gonna wing it' I remember thinking. There were a bunch of women and their daughters there, and a gaggle of girls. Despite the absence of men, they were ALL wearing their tudung. OK...

Never mind, I'm gonna ignore their stares. Then I noticed a signboard above the pool of steaming hot water. The steam cleared...I read...

"Dilarang merendamkan badan di dalam kolam. Tolong tutup aurat."


OK, I was feeling pretty much alienated by now. Oh well, like Baby said..."We're are here...might as well..."

So, ignoring the questioning stares from the very conservative women that around, I started to grab the nearest bucket, and doused my feet so much needed sulphur relief. "Ahh...that hits the spot."

After a few more buckets, and boredom started filling in, I noticed a door nearby. Feeling cheeky, I opened it, and peeked in. It was an adjoining door to the men's side. How funny! Half naked men started and turned at me. Ignoring them, I yelled at Baby. "Ok or not?" In the middle of what seemed his 10th bucket, Baby looked a little disoriented.

Closing the door, I figured I should just make the trip worthwhile. Filling my 5th or 6th bucket to the brim, I dragged it into the changing room, and bathed!

At least my skin was baby soft for a couple of days after that.

Although the trip was rather disappointing, we agreed that the place would have been a lot better if (1) they cemented the area properly, (2) allowed people to soak in the nutritious water instead of hauling buckets and (3) if there wasn't a Surau in between the women and men's sections. Hehe!

If you do plan to go, just make sure you are with friends of the same gender, and bring lots of pails! Or better yet, don't bother going at all!

The highlight of our day was probably lunch. We were properly hungry after the entire excursion, and decided to stop by Sri Paandi near the Shell station in Kajang. The Banana Leaf restaurant that is fast becoming out favourite. And oh, the most delicious corn on the cob that was being sold by stalls along the way back. Lip smacking after some butter and salt.

Just so to make this rambling a little worth while, I've decided to post some pictures. Although they were all about our lunch, and nothing about the Hot Springs!

He's going to be so mad at me for putting up this picture!

Indian food is always so colourful.

RM 2.50 for the most delicious Mango Lassi I've had.

The service was super too! Delicious food, and even has scrumptious looking kuih in the evening

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separate lanes and bathing areas for men and women? in Selangor?

i want to write a story based on this. may i?

Haha...sure! now what kind of story would that be?


hahah. sri pandi food is SOO YUMMY! i miss kajang!

Indian food is always so colourful.

and artery clogging too :D

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