Kajang makes you want to sing!  

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I've always been told by non-Kajang persons that I am unnecessarily proud of Kajang. Granted, it's not the best town in the country. It's got one of the highest crime rates - the Kajang prison always gets an "honourable" mention in the news. But it's still the town I grew in, and there's plenty to be proud about it, besides the sate. One of them is the musicians that mushroomed from this town.

The most famous at the moment may be K-Town Clan. Besides shouting out the Kajang Town mantra like I do, they are also the winners of the first Hitz.TV's Blast Off in the vocal group category. Although I am not a big fan of Rap or Hip Hop, their music is catchy and radio friendly. Although I could be a little biased, since I know all of them personally. Roshan is as friendly as he seems on and off the stage, Vidya is the funniest stand-up comedian I've known - so far, and Ganesh...well, let's just say he was the most gangly looking pengawas then. K-Town Clan however, takes the whole Kajang pride to a whole new level, featuring all of their friends in their music videos. Oh well...if you can, then why not right? Watch the music video, and you'll know what I mean. I know more than half of the guys in there.

Another musician that grew up in Kajang is someone I predict is going to go really far in the music industry. Whether in Malaysia, or abroad. I'm hoping that Malaysia's avid music listeners would support him. He's got really good music going on, as far as the independent music scene is concerned. Broken Scar, or Kevin Teh. Although I don't know him personally, he was a good friend of Baby, and even jammed with him in high school. I've listened to some of his songs, and I LOOOVE Venus in September which is in his latest album, Midnight at St. Kilda. His tracks are being played on X.Fresh FM. I'm looking forward to going to his gig when he's coming back to Malaysia. Currently, he's finishing his studies in Australia. Then maybe I'll get a proper autographed CD!

Baby looks really different then. He had glasses! And was a lot thinner I guess :P Kevin is the one standing.

Broken Scar

Yet another rising star from Kajang is Diana Wee. I actually knew about her being an independent artist some time ago from the newspapers. I didn't know then whether it was the same Diana Wee I knew. She looked totally different. Diana Wee may not remember me much, but I was her junior in Convent Kajang. She was pretty hard to miss. She was the committee member for NC4, our St. John's Ambulance division. So she was pretty much always coaching me on my marching and nursing skills. Although I've forgotten all that now. She was also the head prefect, and head student. So we saw her in front of the assembly every week. Among all this, not many people noticed that she was also an active choir member. She might even be the head choir, but I don't remember. I just remembered that our choir had the best pipes. They serenaded us as we studied, and they got special time off to practice for competitions in the hall nearby. Diana Wee's music, in my opinion of the same thread as Juwita Suwito, although it does lean more towards gospel. Which is why she's a favourite when Christmas comes around, and also during weddings. Check out her music samples and autobiography here. Search for Diana Wee under music. I actually do have a really nice picture of her with Kamala Priya. But it's back at home.

So, that's Kajang an music for you. I'm sure there are more out there, if I care to go and look for them. Something about Kajang just makes you wanna sing!

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i want to sing tooo.... i love kajang sooo much

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