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This is a rather overdue post, which I was supposed to blog about a month ago. But I wanted to make sure I did it justice by taking decent pictures first. We were actually supposed to move on the 10th of March, but the three of us (Wawa, Ijam and Me) were surprised to receive a call a week earlier, telling us that they have already moved. No complaints though, because the rented house was really getting a bit too dodgy for me. Bad plumbing and dust can really turn you off.

The only thing now is that I have to travel a lot further to get home. RM2 for the bus ride from Shah Alam to KL central, then RM6 for the train ride from there to Batang Benar. And about two and a half hours of pure boredom in between. Unless of course, Syeela and I happen to go back together. Which would result in an animated conversation regarding Heroes.

But all that is worth it when you come back to this:

Where you can watch the sun rise perfectly over the horizon every day.

The grass hasn't grown yet, but it was starting to the last time I was home.

Mama insists she gets her green thumb because she's from a Hakka family. "We're all farmers you know!"

Papa did most of the hard labour though. 36 holes dug in one day alone.

Teddy loves it now that he can go outside. We never used to let him, because the urban area is so much more dangerous. So he's a town cat, trying to adapt to country life.

Little guppies that me and Baby bought for the Lily pot outside. Damn aquarium shops don't even sell the females. But Mama found some, and we have baby guppies now.

Evenings here are the best. Even Teddy can attest to that.

And me too!

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cammy... you should definately do an entry entirely dedicated to teddy. i rasa macam dh jatuh chenta kat teddy lar. hehe... o_O

Hehe, maybe I would one day :P hmm, which teddy yang u jatuh cinta kat tu? My cat ke? :P

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