The Moments in Between  

Posted by Kamelia

I love the moments in between. That moment before the total chaos and utter dejection. That calm before the storm. It isn't always there, but when it comes, I relish the taste of it. It is in those moments that I find myself, and breathe.

It's that moment when I am on the bus on the way to a major presentation.

That moment before I get out from the car.

That moment I before I enter the house.

That moment when I pick up the pen and about to tick my answer.

Moments when he reaches for my hand and I know what he is about to do.

Moments when I am on the staircase, about to step to the unknown.

It is something that I can't truly explain in words. You've got to listen for it, wait for it. It's there. Moments in between where you suddenly find yourself.

And then you know why you are there in the first place.

It's the greatest feeling...even if it's only for awhile.

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The direction you mentioned, we do share the same inclination, don't we? :)

I'm glad. I really am :)

Feels like there's someone out there, like me, with all the warmth and sadness, conciously felt.

Like a long lost friend or something.


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We ARE all human I guess...and we have those feelings...but maybe we dont welcome is as u do :)

hm...does the whole time during sahur and berbuka considered as "the moments in between"? LOL

Nirah: Hello long lost friend. Where have you been all my life? :)

Huz: Hehe, maybe one day I will write about the moments in between that I am NOT too fond about.

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