My Ramadhan List  

Posted by Kamelia

List of things to do in Ramadhan Month:

  1. Scout for deliciously creamy Tepung Pelita
  2. Smell for buttery curry puff with savoury chicken filling
  3. Ask around for the best soya bean drink and tau fu fah
  4. Ingat....baca niat puasa!
  5. Control temper....never mind if the lecturer is being super slow.
  6. Apologize for being extra testy.....(warning, empty stomache may cause snappy comments)
  7. Set up pelita ayam for first raya at new house.
  8. Dance around the pelita ayam.
  9. Find sparklers, so that childhood memories could be relived.
  10. Repeat, in that order :)

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Woo.. I'm a sucker for Tepung Pelita too!

/me loves the one with tiny bits of chestnut...err..the fruit :p

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