Wedding bells in the air!  

Posted by Kamelia

Amid my busy and hectic schedule, at the back of my mind, I am looking forward to one of the biggest event in the year for our family!

Yes, it is the second wedding among the cousins, and one that promises to be a spectacular one. Because the guy who is getting married is none other than resident funny man, Winfield.

For those who are not fully acquainted with our family, Winfield is my mom's sister's only child. Aunty Agatha or more popularly known as Sa Ee. (third aunty right?)

It's no secret, Winfield happens to be everyone's favourite cousin. He makes you laugh, able to talk and talk and talk till the cows come home, and have the ability to remember useless factoids. (I tried to remember one of them, but unlike him, I don't remember one!)

It was also no secret that there were members of the family that was worried that he wouldn't be able to get a girlfriend, because according to an undisclosed source, he blushes furiously when he's near a girl, and become uncharacteristically shy. (Let's hope he will let me in the wedding hall after this!)

But he did meet someone. And that someone was introduced to the family as Wynne. Everyone of course was struck by the fact that their names was so similar. Anyway, Wynne and Winfield was always seen together after that. It was like they were joined at the hip. Not many people were that surprised then when they finally announced their wedding plans.

So, a short trip down memory lane is due. I'm not going to point out the gangly girl that was me once, so let's just try and spot Winfield. He's the chubby boy wearing too large glasses. Other family members who reads this post will cringe at their old-fashioned hair and much too geeky smiles. But we were full from too much rich Christmas (or was it Chinese New Year) food by now, and never really paid attention to our poses.

So this is the typical Winfield pose. Relaxed, and oblivious to the fact that he looks like a large dumpling. Wynne already has a tough time controlling this diet I understand. Hehe!

A wedding is always a happy occasion. More so with our family, whom have had to deal with a big blow when Grandma passed away. It's a small comfort that at least she has met Wynne, and in typical grandma fashion, has once quipped "So, you're going to marry her?" And so he will. Welcome to the family Wynne! It isn't luck that I wish for this happy happy couple, but instead a hope and prayer that they will stay just that; happy.

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Someone's getting married already and I wonder when will my turn come. Oh well.. seems like forever to wait.. then again, before I know it, I'll be the one to be saying "shit man, I'm married!!!" :) My best wishes to your cousin eh Kamy. Cheers ;)

Forever meh to wait? I thought someone getting married early next year. Let me see, that's *gasp* less than 3 months away! Hehe!

LOL...laj,dont worry,your turn will come soon :p Sooner than u expect...after that it would be mmy turn to start wondering... Hmmm...

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