One week in the making; the tale of the sad laptop  

Posted by Kamelia

It took me one week to write this post. It's been a gloomy week for Google and me, and as we disagreed on many counts. *refresh*refresh*

It won't load! Oh bother, what's wrong?

My Google homepage won't load either. I'd wait impatiently for it, tapping my fingers on the mouse absently. *sigh*

And it climaxed today when something truly bizarre happened to my laptop. The monitor blinked! Hm, maybe I didn't see it right. Probably my eyes acting up again. And then...*blink*blink*blink*

Oh man, what's going on?! *panic*panic*

Call Baby quick!!

In my best imitation of Nobita whining to Doraemon yet..."My pc something wronggggggggggggg"

I had the right to whine and cry for help. It is thesis season! My pc is not allowed to quit on me during thesis season. It's sacrilege I tell you! *no*no*no* This can't be happening to me!

"Better reformat. Could be a software problem. Most probably hardware. But we can only be sure once we've reformatted." Baby says.


He could be wrong. Let's ask the guru.

Hallaj: "Might be your RAM. Definitely need to reformat."


Don't die on me needs you. You won't leave this comrade of yours behind right? I know I may have installed really stooopid things on you. I didn't mean to. Honest! (crosses fingers) that is the sad sad tale of my current state of hysteria.

Any ideas of what I should do? Short of chucking the laptop into the toilet bowl.

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Well...maybe its time to get a new laptop? :D

casaa engge?!


I know you're marrying a mamak.. dont need to speak like one right? >_<'

tee hee hee..!

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