The Beginning  

Posted by Kamelia

Exam notes are in the trash bin.

Text books packed away in boxes.

It can only mean one thing.

Yet again, it is the end of another semester. But this semester marks a different mood. A different tone. Pretty soon the 5th semester students of Mass Communications of UiTM will each embark on their own personal journey through the harsh working life that is their practical training. For most it will be an utter mystery. A blind plunge into the depths of the unknown. No more will we be comforted by familiar lecturers and groan over exams and mundane assignments.

I for one am excited! New beginnings, new adventures!

It's like when I first embarked on my first day of pre-school and couldn't stop thinking about how exciting it will all be. But I've had enough of studying. I'm ready to take this to the next level.

I shall regret this outlook one day. One day I shall get jaded and not want to work Oh well...we shall see when that day comes huh?

Till then....happy holidays!

p/s - no phone line at home, so no internet :( Late posts are imminent.

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