Twins and Sextuplets make good TV  

Posted by Kamelia

I have a routine when I turn on the TV. Particularly when it comes to Astro. I have this strange addiction to the Crime and Investigation Channel and Discovery's Home and Health Channel.

Today I when I tuned into the Discovery Home and Health channel, it was the Multiples marathon. Cool, I thought. Always wanted to watch lots and lots of babies coming out from those poor women. Something about the gift of birth, enthralls me. The last show in the marathon was about Jon and Kate and their EIGHT children. 6 year old twin girls, and six two-year olds (three girls, three boys)

Oh boy...

But it was amazing to see them getting through the day. Raising eight kids, even with two incomes must be really expensive. A simple outing needs to be planned waaayyy in advance. Phew...

But it makes good television I must say. And it helps that everyone is so good looking. Jon and Kate, plus 8. My new favourite television programme. I know...I need to get out more.

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