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So...I've been missing the past few days. Baby certainly felt the pinch. Have been really busy, running around, helping out in events.

I need to be in Melaka this weekend, and the coming weeks. So I guess I won't be around the office around much, happily updating my blog. :P

In other happenings...

I was at Mantin for the opening ceremony for national service's 2nd series. Got to laugh at the kids doing the chicken dance in front of the Angkasawan. God, am I glad that I got away from being drafted for being born a year earlier.

I was also at TM's Business Star awards where Paul Moss, Siti Hajar, Hattan and Fara Fauzana congregated over the nasi lemak I slaved to get in Kampung Baru. But Farah was super nice, and belanja me Secret Recipe's ice blended mocha. No other pictures though. The event was at night, and my trusty handphone camera can only have so much quality. I'm getting the cybershot soon, so I'll definitely get better photos.

My mom and I were at Semenyih recently, having lunch at the recently opened Restaurant Ibrahim Maju (I swear, they sprout everywhere like mushrooms). We asked the waiter about the chicken rice, since so many people were ordering it. Waiter pulak boleh buat lawak bodoh...

Me: Sedap tak nasi ayam sini?

Waiter:Saya tak tau la...

Me: Eh, kenapa pulak?

Waiter: Orang india mana boleh makan nasi ayam.

Me: Urm... (I thought Indians only cannot eat beef?)

Waiter: Nasi sikit sangat la!

Me: *orang tengah lapar, buat lawak pulak!*

We soon found out why everyone ordered the chicken rice. It had a unique flavour to it, and was served promptly to your table by this man...

Now how often to you see a man wearing the chef's hat at a mamak stall? :)

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