A Sugary Follow-up...  

Posted by Kamelia

Needless to say, I have failed in my quest for a sugar-free diet. I am weak, and easily swayed. How can you stay on a sugar-free diet when people are calling you every week and asking you to get them little tid-bits as soon as they know my office is right next door to The Curve. Haven of all pastries and sweet things.

Who were those irresponsible people, kacau-ing me when they both KNOW that I am on a diet. Who else but Baby and Syeela.

Baby wanted his 1 dozen of Big Apple doughnuts. Syeela wanted her Cupcake Chic. And then Puteri messaged me, and wanted some too.

Who needs enemies when you've got best friends, I tell you.

Of course, I couldn't resist but to get a couple of them cupcakes myself.

After that, it all went downhill...

Sigh...I'll try again this week. Wish me luck!

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