X-Files Revisited  

Posted by Kamelia

Warning: I watch X-Files reruns.

Kak G bought all nine seasons of X-Files, and I've been watching them off and on again since the beginning of the year. Pathetic, no? But I was such a fan of the series back then, and because my parents were both so strict, we had to be in bed by 10pm every night, or else revise our schoolwork. This went on until I was in Form Five. So I never got to see the series, except for a few which we sneaked downstairs to watch.

I am at season 8 right now, and haven't had the time to finish. But after so many episodes, you begin to understand why it was such a great show. It wasn't so much because of the far-fetched UFO theories, or about the aliens, but the wonderful dynamic between Scully and Mulder. The well-written script, which pitted the two together, and the sometimes hilarious episodes of satire and parody.

Maybe most of you were once avid fans of the series, but fell out from it when they went into the 6th season and more. It was simply too much to keep up with. And so, altogether forgotten about. I was browsing Youtube, and stumbled upon this very well edited video by XFellowbee, which was a far cry from the usually nauseating videos edited with the usual love song paired with visuals of Mulder and Scully's kissing scenes. Which wasn't that many to begin with.

This video instead showed the wonderful respect between Scully and Mulder as FBI partners, and if you were or are a fan of X-Files, wonderfully summarizes the show. Take a minute to watch.

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i remember this one x-files episode which traumatized me till today. Its about the roaches that eats ur brain. They crawl into your skin and says hi to you once they reach your eyes. EEEWWWW (Sorry this is totally unrelated)

OO....I remember that episode! Totally disgusting. They had a more disgusting one, (if that's even possible) where tabacco beetles filled your lungs everytime you smoke this particular brand of ciggies. Makes you want to quit :P

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