Bila di dalam kegawatan ekonomi...  

Posted by Kamelia

You know the country is in deep trouble, when people start selling clothes by the kilogramme. Spotted at Billion in Semenyih, where incidentally there was a riot at the petrol station as everyone rushed to get petrol before the price hike.

When all prices go up, and salary is still the same sad amount, what does a girl have to do, to keep up? Here are some tips:

  1. Apply lipstick only once a day. No matter if you look like an ass by lunch time.
  2. Dating should be confined to the mamak, and order only plain water, and share roti canai.
  3. Confine the use of the hair dryer to 30 seconds. If not enough, stand outside and shake hair around.
  4. Turn off handphone at night. No need to charge so many times leh.
  5. Recycle old shoes. I know you have a few dusty pairs in the cupboard.
  6. Turn off the air-cond in the car. Never mind if hair become all messy. Tell boss, harga minyak naik!
  7. Move to Egypt. Petrol price only rm0.50 over there.
  8. Phillipines also can. Sugar very cheap.
  9. Or worse come to worse, buy clothes by the kilo.

Nonsense edy this one. Head all cuckoo from lack of money, thus lack of air.

p/s - macam mana nak kahwin ni?

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