Remember Harry and the gang?  

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I'm not sure how many of you out there are Harry Potter fans, and still are. I am saddened everytime I glance at my bookshelf and see the row of Harry Potter books there. I wish I can go back to the time when I first read it, and feel that excitement and rush again. Maybe after a decase or so, when I am old, or have amnesia, I shall return to those books and read it all again with the same sense of wonderment.

I regularly visit J.K Rowling's website, not only because it's entertaining (search for clues to get a reward) but there are little anecdotes there about Harry Potter and his world, that is not included in the books J.K wrote. Among the stuff that is inside her website is the geneology of the main characters of Harry Potter. We know Harry and Ginny has 3 children, if you read Deathly Hallows, and also some about Ron and Hermione's children. Also included in the geneology are a glimpse into the lives of Draco who married Asteria Greengrass, and has a son named Scorpius Hyperion, George, who I suspected was going to marry Angelina, having two children, with a son named after his dead brother, Luna and Rolf, with two children, and of course, Bill and Fluer, with three children. If you remember, it was Bill and Fluer's daughter Victorie who was caught making out with Teddy, Lupin and Tonk's son. Oo...and Percy has a child named after his mother, probably trying to makeup for those couple of years when he abandoned the family.

Sigh...I've said it, and I'll say it again, I miss Harry Potter. But the thing about J.K Rowling is that she has a wonderful sense of nobility and dignity in her, that she isn't going to continue reaping profits from Harry Potter, knowing that a send-off like this is much better than to see the character continue, and maybe flop after some years. At least in our minds, we'll always remember Harry for what he was in those seven books.

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