The BMW Gina  

Posted by Kamelia

The new BMW concept car, nicknamed GINA. After the Hydrogen vehicle, I felt there was nothing more BMW could do to perfect a car. How wrong I was.

GINA is not just a car. It is probably Herbie, if she could grow into a woman. It curves, it moves, it blinks like no other car could ever do. The big idea behind this car is one that could evolve wherever and whenever the driver needs to without even taking it to the workshop. Imagine this. You want to impress a chick with a spoiler for your car. Press a button, and voila, the spoiler emerges from the back, and it is seamless.

Built on the short-lived Z8 Roadster platform, the Gina consists of a flexible 'skin' stretched over a metal wire structure enforced with carbon fibre. It allows the driver to change the shape of the car 'on the fly'

It is still a concept car. Of course there will be questions like, "will it tear?" or "what happens when it crashes?" and stupid stuff like that. What most people fail to know about concept cars is that is paves the future for better technology for BMW's other line-ups.

And it's wicked how the car winks at you.

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