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Posted by Kamelia

Here in My Home, written by Pete Teo and participated by over 120 Malaysian artistes for free is currrently the 7th most viralled video/song on the internet according to an online UK magazine. Certainly, it is the most impressive so far for a patriotic song, mostly due to the much improved internet access nowadays, and not to mention that the song is catchy. What was most interesting is how radios are actually giving the song some heavy airplay, which is rare for any Malaysian music. They play it in the weekends, or after midnight, and that will be it. So it was wonderful to drive back during peak hour, and hear it sometimes twice in an hour.

I knew that the song and the video is being circulated on the internet, and I checked it out, and decided to promote the song and video. A fad it certainly is, but looking beyond that, the song does actually have some really meaningful lyrics. As far as patriotic songs go by, one of the best. At least it is not praising some old man sitting on a golden chair, and it is contemporary, appealing to the youth, who really need a boost when it comes to being proud of their country. Like, have you noticed how after school ends, the people you hang out with are mainly people from your own race, or church, or temple? It's like, if that circumstance where you need to be with other people from other races and ethnicity is not being enforced, people drift away. Sad, ain't it?

So, here in my home, one heart, undivided...please why don't you fall in with me? Spread the video and song on your blogs. Click here.

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