We have sunk so low  

Posted by Kamelia

I stumbled upon a blog today. You may know her. Or not. 

She goes by the name Xiaxue. Her real name is Wendy. 

She's pretty big in the blogsphere, from what I could surmise. Her blog is mainly about her, or people she hate, or people who are unfortunate enough to like her. 

I've seen some pretty superficial people through blogs. They are all about the designer stuff, materialistic and down right ignorant and arrogant. 

People used to hate people like that, but nowadays, they are simply considered honest people, and admired for speaking their minds, not afraid of being called sluts or bitches, because it's become such a norm already. 

I've learnt to ignore and avoid blogs like these. A picture says a thousand words. And when there are thousands of pictures of themselves on their blog, you just get so sick of them. 

But Xiaxue takes the cake. One of her recent posts boasted about how she made her face skinny and put in fillers to make her lips plumper. 

Stupid woman. 

I mean, you can do whatever you want la, but to boast about your face and body transformation procedures is just plain wrong in my book. 

Unfortunately, I may be in the minority. With the advent of the internet, and total information freedom, it takes an exceptional person to not be influenced and stay true to oneself. 

But I have formed my own opinions, done my own mistakes, made great friends along the way that have shown me what it means to be good person, and an independent person. With no desire whatsoever to change my God-given body. 

Unfortunately for Xiaxue, she will never get that feeling. 

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heya kammy! just dropped by to say hi and to tell u that as superficial as Xiaxue is, I like her pictures! Its interesting gazing at her and wondering why her eyelashes are a different color than her hair.

Hehehe sorry but I love her blog! Probably because she's frank! There are quite a few posts which she gave good advices especially on products and other tips.

What I cannot stand I blog which spreads hatred.. Esp with the anonymous comments.. Eeee I mmg tak leh accept..

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